A friend of mine used to go up to Winnepeg, Canada in the 1980's to visit Charles Nelson Pogue who was living in a Nursing Home at the time. One of the stories that Pogue told him was about the Battle of El Alamein that was the turning point of WW II. Previous to this battle, Rommel's Tank Corps would chase the British tanks till they ran out of gas. Rommel's tanks would then retire and allow the artillery to destroy the British tanks. They could do this because they had more efficient engines with a longer range.
Pogue had been hired to design a combustion system for our tanks that gave them a greater range than Rommel's tanks. At the battle of El Alamein, our tanks ran Rommel's tanks out of gas and our artillery picked them off like ducks in a shooting gallery. Whenever one of our tanks with Pogue's combustion system was disabled or destroyed, there was a crew who would dismantle and remove the combustion system in these tanks that were sealed in a black steel box.
Water injection actually dates far back to the 1930’s. It was extensively used for the first time in WWII on supercharged and turbocharged fighter aircraft to increase power on take off and increasing the altitude for which a plane could climb. In 1942, the German Luftwaffe increased the horsepower of the Focke-Wulf 190D-9 fighter aircraft from 1776HP to 2240HP using 50/50% water/methanol injection. Manufacturers such as Chrysler, Saab, Porsche and GM also used water injection on various large displacement, high compression or turbo charged motors such as the Saab 99 Turbo and the turbo Corvair by GM in the 1960’s" Source: Alcohol Injection Systems.com

Eventually the US and UK military copied this HHO technology and it was fitted to Spitfires, Hurricanes, Chieftain tanks and even generators during the war. This evened up the advantage. We converted a car recently for an elderly gentleman who remembers vividly going with his fighter pilot father to an aircraft hanger to see a secret device to extend he range and power of the planes.
Strangely enough at the end of the war these devices were all ordered to be destroyed. Why? .....Are you catching on yet?

Stanley Meyer demonstrated a vehicle that ran on just water. Before he could develop and produce this technolgy, he died. Conspiracy theorists claim he was silenced. Perhaps we will never know.

There is a website and a CD that have 604 carburetor patents that have been assigned to various companies and never developed. There were 53 inventors who wouldn't sell out. Each of them had fatal "accidents" two to three weeks after refusing to sell their patent(s). I knew four of these inventors personally. The website is http://www.fuelvapors.com/.

Phil Ratte is a retired mechanical engineer, who graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BME (Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering) degree in 1961. A few years later he got his license as a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Minnesota and later in the State of Wisconsin.
In 1978, Phil ran for the U.S. Senate on a platform of new energy related ideas that included ethanol blended fuels.
From 1979 to the present, Mr. Ratte has tested over 90 devices and additives that promised to save fuel and reduce pollution.
In the 1980's, Phil designed 4 buildings using SolarCrete. Three commercial buildings and one home which use 75 to 80% less energy than similar buildings of other designs. These buildings should last over 500 years. They are earthquake proof and will withstand 300 mph winds.

From 1981 to 1989, Phil worked with a wealthy inventor, Herb Hansen, to develop two prototype vehicles that ran on 1/3 ethanol and 2/3 water. Herb died of a major stroke at a very convenient time for the Oil Cartel. Two months after Herb died the U.S. Secret Service entered Phil's home with a warrant and copied his files on their ethanol project. When he tried to find out what the Probable Cause was to issue the warrant, he found that the Federal Judge had sealed the file. Phil has known 4 men including Herb who died after refusing big money for their very promising energy saving devices.
53 inventors with revolutionary energy saving inventions have met untimely "accidental" deaths just after refusing large sums of money for their patents. Other inventors have received millions of dollars for their patents that were then left undeveloped. Phil says he has a CD that has 920 energy saving patents in it that were assigned (sold) to various automobile, oil, and other companies and then buried.
In the 1990's, Phil was hired to do testing for two companies that were selling magnetic fuel saving devices. He appeared as an expert witness in a criminal trial in Missouri. His success there caused the 29 states that were prosecuting the second magnet company to quietly drop their cases. It also caused the Minnesota Attorney General to try to attack Phil's Minnesota Professional Engineering license. That Attorney General was Hubert H. Humphrey III who Phil helped Jesse Ventura defeat for Governor in 1998.

All the motor vehicle manufacturers are in full knowledge that petrol does not burn, but only the vapour burns, and they know how to do it. However, ever since the original Henry Ford died, every single auto manufacturer is not willing to go against the system established by the gasoline companies. Every auto maker is firmly in the oil industry's pocket, and woe to any who tries to exceed their boundaries! When Ford Motor Company first came out with the Ford Falcon, it got 32 MPG, but right the next year, Falcon only got 25 MPG. Soon after that, when SKI Corp. (Frantz Oil Cleaner Co.) wanted to start selling a carburetor that was guaranteed to get at least 45 MPG on any American made auto, their lawyer discovered a law that was now on the books, making it against Federal law to manufacture, sell, or install a carburetor that got over 25 MPG. So they had to scrap the whole thing! In later years, due to popular public pressure, the EPA made the Federal government removed that rule, and we saw higher mileage American made autos on the market. It was like the higher mileage autos were brought out grudgingly though. You'll notice that they keep trying to slip the fuel economy back down every chance they get. The scenario we now have is the Federal government, the fuel companies on one hand, and the EPA under pressure of the people on the other hand, with the auto industry in the middle, trying to appease both sides!

Here is an article in the Times newspaper suggesting that we have had the capablilty of producing a 200 MPG car as far back as the 1930's!!

From The Times
March 31, 2003
"Oil industry suppressed plans for 200-mpg car"
By Simon de Bruxelles
THE original blueprints for a device that could have revolutionised the motor car have been discovered in the secret compartment of a tool box.

A carburettor that would allow a car to travel 200 miles on a gallon of fuel caused oil stocks to crash when it was announced by its Canadian inventor Charles Nelson Pogue in the 1930s.

But the carburettor was never produced and, mysteriously, Pogue went overnight from impoverished inventor to the manager of a successful factory making oil filters for the motor industry. Ever since, suspicion has lingered that oil companies and car manufacturers colluded to bury Pogue’s invention.

Now a retired Cornish mechanic has enlisted the help of the University of Plymouth to rebuild Pogue’s revolutionary carburettor, known as the Winnipeg, from blueprints he found hidden beneath a sheet of plywood in the box.

The controversial plans once caused panic among oil companies and rocked the Toronto Stock Exchange when tests carried out on the carburettor in the 1930s proved that it worked.

Patrick Davies, 72, from St Austell, had owned the tool box for 40 years but only recently decided to clean it out. As well as drawings of the carburettor, the envelope contained two pages of plans, three test reports and six pages of notes written by Pogue.

They included a report of a test that Pogue had done on his lawnmower, which showed that he had managed to make the engine run for seven days on a quart (just under a litre) of petrol.

The documents also described how the machine worked by turning petrol into a vapour before it entered the cylinder chamber, reducing the amount of fuel needed for combustion.

Mr Davies has had the patent number on the plans authenticated, proving that they are genuine documents.

He said: “I couldn’t believe what I saw. I used to be a motor mechanic and I knew this was something else altogether. I was given the tool box by a friend after I helped to paint her house in 1964. Her husband had spent a lot of time in Canada.”

The announcement of Pogue’s invention caused enormous excitement in the American motor industry in 1933, when he drove 200 miles on one gallon of fuel in a Ford V8. However, the Winnipeg was never manufactured commercially and after 1936 it disappeared altogether amid allegations of a political cover-up.

Dr Murray Bell, of the University of Plymouth’s department of mechanical and marine engineering, said he would consider trying to build a model of the Pogue carburettor.

In MAY 2009 issue of GQ magazine there is a very informative article about the oil industry. Did you know that in 1900 in America, 38% of all the 4192 automobiles produced were ELECTRIC. By 1920 there were no more electric cars being produced.
And the reason?
It is believed that Standard Oil paid General Motors and Henry Ford to use its Petroleum product in it's design and manufacturing of their vehicles. Once they gained a foothold all other manufacturers followed suit. This is one of the reasons why we have such a dependance on inefficient, dirty fuels. The oil companies are like drug dealers, they want us to keep our dirty habit. Our addiction to petroleum products. Still a non believer? This may change your mind


Governments do not want this technology as you cannot tax water. Also they would lose massive amounts of revenue from the lower fuel sales and road tax reductions.

However we must point out that we are not conspiracy crackpots, we are just trying to understand the answer to the main question ourselves and this is just some of the masses of information we have found on the Internet in our quest.

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