11/2011: We have now passed the very strict German TUV type approval. This is the hardest approval of it's kind in the world. We are the first and only HHO company to have passed this. This will make Homologation in most European countries a formality. This should silence the critics, HHO is set to become an approved fuel and now we have verifiable independent data that our systems work.  Now we are certificated we can use the prestigious TUV logo on all our stationery and advertising.

TUV Austria LOGO

10/4/2010: After 6 months of development in association with the UK's leading Diesel Tuning Company, we have now developed an electronic ECU to work with Diesel vehicles fitted with Common Rail Injection Systems. This is a pre-programmed ECU that supplys the relevant information to the vehicles ECU when the HHO system is switched on. This is a 'plug-n-play' process that takes just a few minutes to fit and does not require any wires joined or physical tuning. THIS IS A MAJOR LEAP FORWARD IN DIESEL HHO TECHNOLOGY!


10/10/2009: We have had some amazing news the truck below has now been fitted with our proper production model and has returned its first weeks results. It has now gone up to 11.1 MPG from the figures below. Needless to say the owners and ourselves are shocked and delighted at the same time.

27/08/2009: We have just received some fantastic news from the truck trial in Northampton. We fitted a massive DC4 unit 3 weeks ago on a Saturday to a Werefords Transport DAF CF 2006 truck. Unfortunately there was a fault with the unit as it was built in a hurry to get it ready in time and was drawing far too many amps, tripping the 60A circuit breaker. John from Hydro Power systems went the next day and wired up two of the three cells only just to try it. We were not expecting much of an increase.
The trucks mileage was accurately measured over the previous 2 months and returned an average of 6.5 MPG, rarely exceeding this figure. The first week the truck returned 7.9 MPG. This could have been a fluke so they did not get excited. The second week they got 8.1 MPG!!!! This is an unbelievable increase for a truck. It may not sound much but we would have been happy with 1 MPG with the full cell working.
Lets put this into monetary terms.
In one year the Haulage company owner would save £11,000 a year on one truck! Regardless of the lengthened service intervals this is amazing. This particular haulier has 80 trucks...you do the maths!!! Eddie Stobart would save 10's of millions...
Needless to say the Haulier is nearly as pleased as we are!!!
With further development this could be unimaginable.

NEWS UPDATE: Recently the South Korean government mandated that over 100,000 government vehicles are to be fitted with HHO fuel cell systems to cut down on pollution.

31/07/2009: We begin testing of our new truck unit with Wickes. This is a prototype unit that we are hoping will help us break into this massive market. Wickes themselves have around 1500 vehicles if this goes well!


20/06/2009: We are pleased to announce our new range of much improved Fuel Cells. The units have had a a total re-vamp. They are now shrouded in laser cut, piano black Plexiglas® which is more resistant to stone chips. The edges are now polished also. We now use counter-sunk stainless steel bolts, holes for these are drilled by a radial arm automated drilling machine for accuracy. The gaskets used to be made from Neoprene® and then more recently Vitrol® but we have found these are NOT classed as resistant to the electrolyte. We now have gaskets made for us by a company that guarantee the material used IS resistant to the electrolyte.This alone should extend the life of the unit by several years. We are working with a company to offer a 3 year warranty on the units.
 The material used for the production plates is a new composite alloy that produces 18% more HHO than the best 316L plate. All parts of the kit are now recyclable and they look great!!!

product photos june 09 0201
product photos june 09 008
product photos june 09 033

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